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Compita Group was built around the demand for economic growth on a solid footing. We work towards our vision of building a transatlantic trade process without barriers. We provide integrated business strategies for the sales of domestic products and services on an international basis, thereby accelerating the growth of local and national economies.

We help executives and employees develop an appreciation of the implications of doing global business, thereby making your firm more sophisticated and better prepared to compete on a global basis.


The next generation of economic partnerships between U.S. and EU companies will be the strongest and most impactful in the world. Our economic vision is to provide firms with the strategies and guidelines with which to build new economic partnerships and joint interests in the transatlantic marketplace. Compita Group will answer the call by providing industry-leading platforms, products and services to create synergies between people, corporations, cities and countries.


Our strategy involves focusing on unique matching platforms between entrepreneurially-spirited companies that seek faster growth through synergies and partnerships, thereby enhancing profitability and value through strategic relationships.

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Compita Group offers business and advisory services for companies and organizations of all sizes in the medical, healthcare, academic, aerospace, energy, transportation and financial sectors.

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John Marszalek
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