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Compita Group’s Medical Consulting Services Team was formed to support non-medical units in the healthcare system.

Medical SectorWe provide our clients with advisory services, consultations, and strategic help in business management. Having gained hands-on experience in the healthcare market, we work with healthcare firms in both the public and private sectors, including: Hospitals, Healthcare centers, Nursing homes, Hospices, Outpatient clinics, Emergency departments, Medical diagnostic laboratories, Dental laboratories, physical therapy centers.

Our support for specialized and semi-medical companies and institutions includes:

Medical SectorPharma Consulting Services – solutions for pharma companies, producers and distributors.

Dental Consulting Services – aimed at dental surgeons and laboratories as well as companies offering innovative technological solutions.

Veterinary Consulting Services – support for veterinary offices, stores, and producers offering innovative solutions for the veterinary industry.

With Compita Group’s high standards, you can be sure your company will receive comprehensive service of the highest quality. We ensure a professional, personalized approach to our clients’ problems while maintaining the utmost in confidentiality, reliability and objectivity.

In addition to strategic consulting, we can offer operations consulting for finance, investment, marketing, human resources and information management solutions.

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Compita Group offers business and advisory services for companies and organizations of all sizes in the medical, healthcare, academic, aerospace, energy, transportation and financial sectors.

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