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Growing awareness of the importance of preventive oral healthcare and improvements in people’s financial conditions after Poland’s accession to the European Union has resulted in a huge increase in the number of dentists and dental companies. Due to the competitiveness of these companies, Poland can take pride in being one of the leaders in terms of dental service level.

Dental Consulting ServicesIf you are interested in achieving competitive advantage by developing breakthrough business strategies and implementing innovative technological solutions, our dental consulting services are for you.

Dental Consulting ServicesQuality is essential for competitiveness in the pharmaceutical industry; companies must leverage the best dental techniques and use technologically optimized dental materials– we can your practice identify and select these products and approaches.

Thanks to our partnerships with companies offering the latest technological solutions for dental implants, we are able to offer the opportunity to obtain high quality dental materials. Additionally, we offer:

  • Access to laboratory testing for medical and dental solutions
  • Consulting services in testing and obtaining dental materials
  • Consulting services for dental materials selection taking into account ease of use to accelerate dental surgery, and material durability. For products such as dental implants, we take into consideration additional aspects such as profitability, price, and aesthetics.

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