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Leaders of today’s top companies recognize we are living in a world with an increasingly diversified global economy, which presents unique opportunities and responsibilities. As one of the many facets of doing global business, future executives and their employees must be prepared to deal with the implications of a global branding strategy and global sales. Perhaps most importantly, CEOs of leading firms must develop a strong identity as a global corporation.

ceoAfter establishing a global identity, I regularly hear from CEOs about two key issues they face when they consciously choose a path that includes a global economic future strategy and managing people. Let me emphasize: companies must leverage a new set of strategies to achieve success on a global playing field, and presently few are performing to their full potential precisely because they try to simply “extend” their domestic strategies. One crucial factor is that we live in an electronic age– but the real challenge as increasingly we do business globally is maintaining the personal touch– personal interaction becomes even more critical to successful partnerships when relationship-building from afar.

When considering how best to staff up to do business in the World’s two largest economies (U.S. and EU), CEOs must deliberately hire professionals who have different cultures and entrepreneurial inclinations than the typical candidate with merely domestic experience. Adding to this evolution in human talent management, companies will increasingly be challenged to create new positions dealing with global transactional and business issues by developing Chief Strategic Entrepreneurship Officers. These CSEOs will be charged with uniquely branding the company, and then aggressively identifying and pursuing global opportunities.

I see a strong future in doing business on a global scale, and Compita Group stands ready to work with you to grow your business into a global business– deliberately and strategically. Contact us today to begin the evolution– we will show you how Compita Group can accelerate the growth and international market traction of your firm.

Stay strong,

John Marszalek, CEO
Compita Group

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