Operations Consulting

Operations Consulting for Healthcare Firms

Compita Group provides consulting services to all healthcare firms seeking to improve their organizational and business effectiveness by creating strategies to prevent financial losses and set up optimal organizational structures.

Operations Consulting for Healthcare FirmsOperations consulting aimed at increasing organizational and business effectiveness through promoting solutions that protect the profitability of your firm.

Compita Group’s Operations consulting services include:

  • Business process improvement strategies
  • Healthcare firm management
  • Human resources management
  • Marketing strategies
  • Financial strategies
  • Development strategies
  • Management of core business activities
  • Restructuring strategies (planning, organization, implementation and change management)

Operations Consulting for Healthcare Firms
For healthcare providers, operations support implies reducing business expenses through identifying the weakest points of of the organization. Compita Group’s Operations consulting services provide optimal business solutions for healthcare firms, including:

  • Cost optimization
  • Financial advising
  • Investment advising
  • Technology consulting
  • Information management support
  • Quality improvement of products and services
  • Support for initiatives to increase the level of patients’ satisfaction with the services and products offered by healthcare providers
  • Restructuring services for healthcare firms

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