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The Department of Educational Advisory Services

We offer our support to small, medium and big companies as well as business environment and educational institutions.

Thanks to our research and extensive experience on Polish and international education markets we are able to show you that education is not only management and technology. We also offer seminars on Polish and foreign educational systems.

We provide support to research and development centers and higher education institutions which are interested in commercialization of their services and products. Our help facilitates organizing and optimizing the commercialization processes. We offer you advisory services on:

  • Knowledge management – a helping hand in managing inventions and patents, utility models, industrial designs, know-how, copyright and databases.
  • Security management – support in the field of procedures for obtaining patents in Poland, European Union and USA together with the advice on execution of the rights obtained. We will also tell you what to secure and how to do it well.
  • Knowledge commercialization – support for your business activity and the organization of knowledge commercialization models based on special purpose vehicles, academic business incubators, technology transfer centers or direct knowledge commercialization by universities.
  • Commercialization decisions – support for market, competition, product, service or marketing research.
  • Business relations – help in acquiring and organizing contracts, negotiating with investors and business partners in order to introduce a given knowledge to the market.
  • Commercialization based on university’s infrastructure – commercialization advisory services on university’s laboratories and equipment in the context of obtaining EU funding and other public aid.

Education Sector Educational advisory services in learning process – support for educational companies and institutions which includes innovative learning and knowledge acquisition techniques.

  • Higher education – we help you cope with such modern university issues as employment and fields of study. We also advise on MBA studies program and development process as well as international cooperation, commercialization of higher education or patent policy.
  • Trainings, courses, internships and placements – we offer solutions which help follow market trends and improve the quality and effectiveness of training companies and educational institutions.

Education Sector Educational advisory services in business – successful task performance and reaching the objectives made companies realize that management staff and employees education is at heart of every business. Our professional educational advisory services include:

  • Training consultancy – advice on choosing the best company offering specialized business trainings in the fields of coaching and mentoring, leadership and management, negotiations and sales as well as making impact.
  • Training needs analysis – advisory services on competence management, company’s development, planning training and development of staff.
  • Assessment of employees abilities and capabilities – the employees effectiveness in task performance can be assessed by their learning and thinking abilities, mental strength, emotional intelligence and civic responsibility.

Education Sector Educational advisory services in information technology – professional support in selecting optimal information and Internet technology solutions used in employees education or by companies offering educational services. Our advisory services on educational technology include:

  • The use of educational technology and tools
  • Creating IT and education strategies for companies and higher education institutions
  • Creating strategies for integrating educational systems with business management systems
  • E-learning solutions – support for innovative learning and knowledge acquisition techniques which use IT and Internet solutions.

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