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Restructuring consulting for healthcare firms

Facing changing healthcare market forces, economic crises, and problems involving National Health Service contracts, many healthcare providers are being forced to create new development strategies, and often to implement remedial or restructuring programs.

Restructuring Consulting for Healthcare FirmsCompita Group provides you with comprehensive restructuring consulting services to improve the financial and economic situation of your healthcare firm, and we offer executive-level support for creating and executing development and stabilizing strategies.

Having extensive hands-on knowledge together with experience in leveraging appropriate financing vehicles, Compita Group can provide restructuring solutions for:

  • Development restructuring of healthcare firms – including identifying new development prospects, creating restructuring and financing plans, monitoring, and supervision of the program
  • Remedial restructuring of healthcare firms – including stabilizing healthcare centers and their profitability profiles, identifying new development prospects, etc.
  • Debt restructuring for healthcare entities – including support for dealing with problems stemming from with public law, commercial and loan liabilities

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