Transaction Services

Transaction Services

The growth of your business can be enhanced by expanding the product range and increasing your competitiveness. To help you do this, Compita Group offers professional advisory services on mergers, acquisitions, and selection of the best corporate structure for your company.

Mergers and acquisitions – we offer comprehensive advisory services, including corporate analysis, preparation of documents, finding potential investors, and conducting negotiations including closing of the transaction. By working with us, your firm can take advantage of advisory service on:

  • Choosing a good acquisition or merger target
  • Valuation of your company
  • Choosing proper investor(s)
  • Arranging mergers or acquisitions
  • Ensuring legal compliance
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Forming alliances and consortia

Transaction ServicesBusiness plans – we offer advice on creating the planning documents necessary to start a new business venture, including articulating the anticipated business activity, candid evaluation of the present management, business environment and competitive analysis, review of developing trends, along with building marketing and financial strategies.

Transaction ServicesDue Diligence – we identify and evaluate investment risks through business and financial research. This critical research will minimize transaction risks and is crucial for understanding specific industry and market dynamics in which the company operates. Due Diligence investigation is also an essential element of negotiation strategy preparation, and takes into consideration the full scope of your company’s activities, including its legal, financial, tax and technical aspects, organizational issues, physical assets, and even psychological and ethical considerations.

Corporate Valuation – our clients can also count on our help in preparing the company’s valuation through asset-based, income, and comparative methods.

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Compita Group offers business and advisory services for companies and organizations of all sizes in the medical, healthcare, academic, aerospace, energy, transportation and financial sectors.

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