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e-Commerce & e-Business Services

Choosing and optimizing e-Commerce solutions is important for both retail and wholesale companies.

Thanks to our experience, Compita Group can deliver comprehensive solutions for product and service sales using e-commerce and e-business technologies, as well as leading-edge advertising and marketing strategies.

e-Commerce ServicesWorking with us on your e-Commerce and e-Business strategies guarantees higher utilization of your manufacturing capabilities, gaining competitive advantages, and improving your business processes. Furthermore, the value of your business will rise and you will further cement your strong industry position.

e-Commerce ServicesOur e-Commerce solutions include:

  • Creating online sales strategies
  • Internet software usability testing
  • Optimization of customers’ purchasing path
  • Choosing the optimal online store management system
  • Search engine optimization
  • Creating marketing and promotional strategies
  • Optimization of order management, supply, and payment strategies
  • Optimization and strategic use of product catalogs and user accounts
  • Analysis system and business events reporting
  • Integration of online stores with external systems

The Internet provides a great platform for developing a variety of business activities– our advisory services and support of e-Business include:

  • B2C – business to consumer
  • B2B – business to business
  • C2C – consumer to consumer
  • B2A – business to government
  • C2A – customer to government

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